What’s Your Style?

Are you just starting your yoga journey? Returning to your mat after a hiatus? Or, looking for another style to add to your current practice?

Grab your mat and get ready for class!

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The basics of yoga practice are covered each class. You are guided through foundational principles and postures in each 30-60 minute session.


“Flow” yoga. Postures are not held as long so we may move fluidly from one to another throughout class. Classes are typically traditional or dancer flow. Mixed-level.


Yoga is already a workout, but this is intended to make EVERYONE sweat! Filled with uniquely challenging transitions and balancing postures. Mixed-level.


Yoga for people who want to be supported. Class is done in/with a fabric hammock that is safely suspended from the ceiling. Mixed-level; recommended for beginners.

*Only available in-person in Las Vegas


The practice of bringing our awareness to the present moment. Short guided reflections for centering away from chaos and towards calm.