What’s On Your Mind?

We are what we eat…and think. Too often, our stress, frustration, and lack of motivation can be connected to idle-thinking. Quite literally, our mind is on autopilot but that programming is unhealthy.

Use each philosophical session to guide, filter, and clarify what ever is on your mind.


The practice of thinking critically.

It is about investigating, resisting confusion and impulsive decision-making, and identifying poor reasoning.
Short exercises & explorations help to interrupt our autopilot and monkey brains from reaching bad conclusions.


Why am I here? What is the purpose of (my) life?

Sometimes our brains get us so deeply into trouble that we question our own existence…in troublesome ways.

Readings and techniques are used to re-frame our thoughts – putting our lives back into perspective.


A gentle way to slow down and manage the world.

The practice of bringing our awareness to a specific object or moment. Short guided reflections for centering away from chaos and towards calm.


Philosophical guidance for individuals who want to delve deeply into their own cognitive growth.

Plans are developed during private sessions to match specific needs on a monthly schedule.