Mindfulness Practices

The practice of bringing our awareness to a specific object, idea, or moment.
It is powerful because it can be done anywhere by anyone at anytime.

Mindfulness, especially today, is important because it can direct our thoughts AWAY FROM clutter and chaos, and TOWARDS inner calm and ease.


1 – Some people prefer to sit in a comfortable position, away from distractions and loud noises, however,

2 – It is more practical for other people to practice mindfulness/short meditations while doing other activities like walking, gardening, dancing, working out, or commuting.

3 – Listen to as few or as many recordings as you would like.

4 – Listen to the recordings as frequently as you need.

5 – Write down any important thoughts/reflections/ideas/epiphanies that may arise.

Reflections For Centering

Slowing Down

Full Body Scan #1
w/special guest Sammy the Dog

Reflections On Purpose

Self-Perception & Reality

Purpose & Decision-Making