On Motivation

“Libellula” pose

This past week, I’ve had at least two conversations on motivation. First, with a fellow female entrepreneur who has made it her business to focus and motivate others, and then with a fellow aerialist who is among the fortunate – recently hired to help create new cirque shows…..once performances resume….whenever that may be.

In the second conversation, we talked about how training is different, harder,


We talked about how all of us athletes are driven to maintain higher-than-average levels of physical activity because

it’s what we do,

it’s who we are.

But IF we are able to get to a studio/gym to train now, many of us don’t have clear goals to work towards.

No private gigs

No auditions

No big contracts

People who once regularly trained 4 hours AND THEN performed two shows nightly, are now under-motivated to say the least.

Focus is slipping (particularly in this country) as the public is given mixed messages regarding personal safety (#wearamask #socialdistance) and economic priorities (bars, clubs, and stores are open for business, spend all the money you don’t have!).

An age-old gap between the haves and the have-nots increases as we see the wealthy making plans to expatriate while countless friends get to the end of their savings…if they had any to begin with.

Even those of us ‘responsible’ enough to have had (now defunct) full-time jobs to support our athletic passions are confused: Are we now supposed to develop a new passion in another industry? Or, should we join the rat race and steal jobs from others who are more qualified?….Get ahead if we can.

We didn’t come to any epiphanic conclusions.

We sighed and repeated how fortunate we are to still be alive and healthy.

Because that’s all that really matters.

Speaking of age-old stories, basic survival seems to be one common thread through all of this existential dread

: Struggle is not new

Encountering challenges to one’s livelihood might well be the meaning of life. And, modern (western) humanity is structured within a framework of separation, strife, unrest, and dis-ease. In other words, modern humanity isn’t designed to be easy.

So, what is there to be motivated about?

Somewhere, wrapped up in


is our purpose.

our karma.

our essence.

What we are here to do.

If we can work through and around and with allllllll of the other challenges life (currently) has,


move closer to that purpose

better align with that purpose,

then we have something to be motivated about.

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