On this eve of unveiling, under the first full moon of fall, in a fateful-f*#@ing year, I must reflect on an unexpected yet obvious question:

Who decides to live off-grid and build a website from scratch?

As the youths say,

It me.

The first time I launched a website to display and sell my talents and services was nearly 10 years ago. It was focused on personal training with a sprinkling of philosophical offerings and it didn’t generate a lot of interest or business.

Instead of dwelling on the “failure” of that endeavor, tonight I am compelled to examine what is different now.

What has changed?


I have sought and accepted growth into my life. Accepted that with growth comes peaks and valleys of successes and failures.

I have accepted and rejected and accepted and questioned and accepted over and over again that I am not like my peers. We are all human and mortal, yet we are each blessed with characteristics that make us unique. This is our strength. This is my strength.


There is so much that connects us. Your problems are my problems are your problems. We all encounter similar issues at different times in our lives. Everything is connected and that means people and personalities and likes and dislikes, too.

I have accepted that I only have as much to teach another person as I am able to learn.

I have accepted that dreams (like EVERYTHING complex that ever was and is and will be) take time. That overnight fruition doesn’t mean you get what you want. It means you get what you get, and more will soon come.

I have accepted that work

Real Work

is hard. is tiring. is not for everyone. is addictive.

I have accepted that if you know what your purpose is

if we cannot doubt what we feel in our heart and spirit and bones

we must find a way to do it.

So, on this eve of unveiling, I have no assumptions or expectations that this website will change the world or move mountains.

No. I only believe that this site must be more than my own personal outlet. More than the digital space where I organize and present so much of what I know.

It can be a space for others to explore their selves at their own pace. A space for others to develop their best selves…in both conventional and unconventional ways.

All of this is to say that technical challenges, independent workflow, and #2020 require your


If something within these pages resonates with you, trust and believe that you are meant to be here. That there is more to come that will help you along your path.

Thank you for that patience. Thank you for visiting. And, thank you for your company on this journey.

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